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Article by: Hartebeespoort Accountant: Maritza Eybers

Year End an Your Small Business  

The year is winding down, and as you prepare to unwind and relish the holidays, ensuring a stress-free time ahead is key. Here's what you need to focus on:

Business Checklist for Seamless Operations

  1. Emergency Protocol: Establish clear procedures for your clients and staff to handle any unexpected situations while you're away. This not only reduces stress but also boosts productivity.
  2. Financials: Ensure your year-end VAT and PAYE are accurately calculated and well-accounted for.
  3. Staff Availability: If you're a key staff member, designate specific times for client assistance without compromising your holiday joy.
  4. Insurance: Confirm that your insurance coverage is up to date and offers comprehensive protection.
  5. Security: Inform your security providers about your absence to ensure prompt attention in case of any alarms.

Personal Checklist for a Safe and Relaxing Holiday

With road trips being a popular choice, safety matters. Here's what to focus on:

  1. Legal Preparedness: Update your will to reflect current circumstances and ensure it's up to date.
  2. Vehicle Readiness: Prioritize servicing, insurance, and roadworthiness of your vehicle before hitting the road.
  3. Health Coverage: Check and update your medical insurance to enjoy peace of mind during your travels.

Remember, holidays are for unwinding and cherishing moments with loved ones. Clear these worries off your list and relish your well-deserved break. You've toiled hard; now, it's time to revel in the joy you've earned! For comprehensive peace of mind and a stress-free holiday season, tick off these essential points. Here's to a fantastic year-end break!

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