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Article by listed accountant  Japie Vorster

Outsourcing can be defined as “the strategic use of outside resources to perform activities traditionally handled by internal staff and resources." Outsourcing is a strategy by which an organization contracts out major functions of their business, to a specialized and efficient service provider.

Outsourcing offers your company an affordable, cost effective, attractive and valuable alternative to in-house functions. By outsourcing your financial accounting services you can have peace of mind while you stay focused on your core business. In addition to accurate financial processing compliant with current legislation, we further enhance your business through our value added outsourcing services by going the extra mile".

 Benefits of hiring an outsourced Professional such as Business Guardian:

1. Your company have access to graduate professionals who have had the experience to add value within your organisation from day one.

2. Your company have access to professionals who are qualified as Professional Accountants, registered with SAIPA (South African Institute for Professional Accountants) and registered Labour & HR Professionals registered with the South African Board of People Practices (SABPP).

3. There is no upfront placement fees and no lengthy contracts. If you decide to cancel the contract you can do so without worrying about unfair dismissals, retrenchments and CCMA issues. With uncertainty surrounding today’s global economy, companies need the ability to expand or downsize quickly. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible with today’s labour laws. By outsourcing, companies take that risk away, allowing businesses to adapt more quickly to rising or slowing demand.

4. Outsourcing releases internal capabilities of your current staff for other purposes. Why waste people in areas that don’t focus on core business functions? Capital and people are becoming higher commodities in a difficult financial environment, and companies need as many competent people as possible to focus on what really matters within a business. By outsourcing services, companies free up time and capital to move their business forward.

5. You can determine the number of hours in a week you would need outsourced services and don't need to employ someone and pay them for hours not needed thus saving your company a lot of money.

6. Save money and free up capital by not having to buy/rent expensive software. We have all the software needed for your company  (i.e. Accounting software, Payroll Software, etc.).

7. Our financial experts can plan, implement and control all the necessary internal controls your company would need.

8. Our financial experts, have extensive Tax and VAT experience and have access to other Tax and VAT experts that will be a valuable asset to your company. This will also ensure you are in compliance with all legal and tax filing requirements.

9. Our financial experts have access to a team of accounts receivable and accounts payable clerks to ensure effective handling of these departments should you need it.

10. Our financial experts have access to professionals that can assist in more than just your normal day to day financial needs without the need to hire additional personnel. Examples:

# Business or project profitability evaluations;

# Drafting of business plans and feasibility studies;

# Due Diligence;

# Preparation of tenders;

# Business Plans.