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Were you always planning to be an accountant and why? 

Yes. I always got A's throughout high school and knew that this was the career path that I wanted to follow


When meeting with clients do they mostly come to your own premises or do you mostly go their theirs?

I mostly go to my clients


What is your preferred mode of communication with your clients?

Email, Phone, Face to Face


Have you ever done an online video call with a client?



What do you love most about accounting?

I love setting up systems and see those systems working within a business


Would you recommend accounting as a career for school-leavers, and why?

Yes most definitely. Nowadays with in the cloud accounting its not just about debits and credits and can lead in many different directions


What qualities should South African business people be looking for in their accountant?

Passion, Accuracy, honesty, attention to detail


What is the biggest challenge facing accountants today?

Finding new clients is tough


What aspects of accounting do you focus on most?

Day to day bookkeeping, monthly books, payroll, statutory returns, year end preparation, annual financial statements


Describe your average client:

Small start up businesses


How far away from your premises is your furthest client?



From your accounting experience, if you could cite one of the biggest reasons SME's in SA fail, what would it be?

An inability to manage their Cashflow and having the perception that money in the bank equals profit


What accounting software do you like best?

I love Sage One as it is extremely user friendly and being a new online accounting program its very progressive. Sage One also listen to their Advisors and requests/updates are implemented often


What other software, online services or apps do you use?

Sage Pastel, Accpac, Pastel Payroll, VIP Payroll, Sage One Payroll


Do you think the coming wave of automation in the next few years will steal some accounting jobs and why/why not?

No because computers can't think for themselves


What is your opinion on Bitcoin?

No opinion


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy being outdoors, reading and spending time with my family and friends


What has your experience been on FindanAccountant?

Have only just signed up but am looking forward to the influx of new clients


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