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Were you always planning to be an accountant and why?

Actually, I wanted to pursue a career in internal auditing but my Grade 11 teacher saw the potential I had with accounting and she suggested I major in Accounting and in my Grade 12 I obtained an A symbol for accounting; like they say, the rest is history.

When meeting with clients do they mostly come to your own premises or do you mostly go theirs?

I mostly go to my clients

What is your preferred mode of communication with your clients?

Email, Phone, Face to Face, WhatsApp

Have you ever done an online video call with a client?


What do you love most about accounting?

The beauty of balancing financial records of a client, seeing them happy pushes me to work harder

Would you recommend accounting as a career for school-leavers, and why?

No, I feel that a career path is a personal choice, one should pursue a career that they would enjoy and not for the sake of making a living

What qualities should South African business people be looking for in their accountant?

Honesty, reliability and professionalism

What is the biggest challenge facing accountants today?

Unqualified individuals acting as accountants and damaging the reputation of the industry

What aspects of accounting do you focus on most?

General ledger accounts, debtors and creditors reconciliation

Describe your average client:

Small, medium-sized law firm

How far away from your premises is your furthest client?

340km away

What accounting software do you like best?

Pastel Accounting

What other software, online services or apps do you use?

QuickBooks and Draftworx

Do you think the coming wave of automation in the next few years will steal some accounting jobs and why/why not?


What is your opinion on Bitcoin?


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Reading biography books and watching soccer

What is the most interesting thing on your bucket list?

To go watch Liverpool play Manchester City at Anfield

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