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'The owner of a new business that will employ people must register as an employer with the Department of Labour to contribute to the Unemployment Insurance Fund 

The Unemployment Insurance Fund provides benefits to unemployed people as well as to the dependants of deceased contributors. Tax-free benefits are distributed at the rate of 45% per month of previous monthly earnings for a limited period, provided certain criteria are met. Illness, maternity, adoption and dependants' benefits are also paid.

Contributions are compulsory for all staff whose annual income is less than a certain limit, An employer is obliged by the Unemployment Insurance Act 30 of 1966 to pay contributions to the UIF for each qualifying employee every month (exceptions exist). The amount is 2% of the employee's monthly earnings (1% paid out of the employee's salary and 1% paid by the employer).

To register for VIF, an employer must obtain a UIF form from the Department of Labour, which must be completed and returned to the department within 14 days of employing an employee.

Every employee who qualifies must have a blue U I F card, which is a record of the employee's employment and UIF contributions. This must be given to the new employer. If the new employee does not have a blue card, the employer must apply for one on a UF85 form.

When the employee leaves the business, the employer must give the blue card back to him or her, and it must be signed by both parties. 


UIF Registration Form

Registrasie as Werkgewer

All other UIF Forms from the Department of Labour