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Without doubt, the page that we are most proud of on our entire website:

"I have been on your site for a couple of years now, think about 3, and I am so impressed with the response from this site.  I would also like to thank you and your staff for always helping me promptly if I have any problems with my account. You guys are great!!!!"
- Cindy Camara, Accountant JHB

"Thank you so much. The response has been great. Signed up a lot of new clients. Great site!!!"
- Juani-Mari Van Staden, Professional Accountant (SAIPA)

"I receive varied responses from the website.  Sometimes I will receive 4 queries on one week and other times months will go by without any queries.  I have, however, retained a few clients who initially made contact with us through finding our details on Find an Accountant.  So this remains a worthwhile means of web-based presence for us.  To be honest, we tried a couple of other alternatives (such as google add words and other drivers to our own websites).  Over the years, we have had a greater response from being on Find an Accountant, than what we have been able to identify from our own websites.  So definitely worthwhile for us"
- Nikki Kennedy, Accountant Pretoria

"I would like to thank FindAn Accountant for their service to date, as I have received a good few clients in SA through them, and these clients will sustain me while I am in Australia."
- Vasanth Latchminarain, Financial & Tax Services

"The response has been satisfactory, I am able to pay 1st year subscription already out of clients I got out of this site, so it is definitely a worthwhile investment for me."
- Francesca  Coetzee CA (SA) Johannesburg

"In one word? *Exceptional*"
-Mwendabai Kalaluka, MBA  Midrand

"We've received some good clients"
-Liza Wood, Chartered Accountant CA (SA)

"Thank you for your prompt response.  I am duly impressed with your professional service and product."
- Greame Scott, Cape Town Accountant

"Four people have contacted me already.The response has been good."

"I want to thank you for the excellent service. Thanks to you, I have a great client base."
-Elsabie Botha, Bookkeeper, Wingate Park

"I must compliment you on this website, the response has been excellent. This is really money well spent."
- Antoinette Stander, B.Compt

"Responses have been fantastic. I have already recouped my subscription costs of last year and this year".
-Ockert Fourie, Professional Accountant (SA)

"The response has been great really. Thank you very much."
- Lawrence Sefolo, Accountant - Burgersfort

"The response has been good! Can't complain!
-Ivete Leathers - Professional Accountant (SAIPA) - East Rand

"I remain very pleased with the responses I have had so far to this site."
- Brian Wallace, Professional Accountant (SA)

"I have subscribed to your website and have had quite a few good responses. Keep up the splendid work."
- Avesh Laljit, Bookkeepers

"My Responses have been good, average of two to four new clients since my subscription."
-Marius Greyling, Professional Accountant (SA)

"I am really impressed with the response I am getting from advertising on your website.I don?t have to worry too much about marketing.Clients that come through from this site are not the ordinary caliber which is good for business."
- Donovan Mungal, Accountant (MIAC)

"We are impressed at your services and have found value in them thus far"
- Craig Unsworth, ACIS

It has been great!!!!!!!! Worth R99 a month
- Belinda O'Moore, Pretoria

"I have had quite a few responses and got a very nice client. Thank You!"
- Marlein Greeff, SAICA member

"We have had quite a few enquries though the Website, thank you for your succesful positioning at the top of the Google rankings"
- Brian Smith CIMA

"Thanks again. I think your site is a winner"
-David Raphael, FCA

"Thank you again for your excellent service!"
- Accountant JHB

"I receive regular contact through the site.Thanks"
- Accountant Cape Town

"I have had 3 calls arising from your site, which could give rise to business. Many thanks. I was amused to ring a business, due to a QuickBooks call, and the person who answered said: ?I am looking at a photo of you!? Someone had forwarded them my details from FindanAccountant."
- Accountant Cape Town

"3 enquiries to date that we know came via website."
- Accountant Pretoria

"Thanx for the lovely support from you guys even for us the
response has been good."
- Accountant JHB

*Original copies of all these testimonials available for inspection