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What to look for in a good accountant

Looking for a good accountant? What qualities should you look for? Here is a selection of what some of our accountants say make a good accountant:

Accountant: Jaco de Bruin

"Someone that can look beyond the numbers and financial reports. Someone that can be part of the management team and add value through interpretation."

~ Centurion Accountant: Jaco de Bruin

Midrand Accountant: Audrey Muvezwa

"Integrity, Excellency, Passionate, Empathy"

~ Midrand Chartered Accountant: Audrey Muvezwa

Gauteng Accountant: Liesel Willaims

"Most important is integrity. There are many people who do not understand the accounts/financials and they thus place a lot of trust in their accountants, which needs to be earned and maintained through their integrity."

~ Port Elizabeth CA: Liesel Williams

Accountant: Morris Jonas

1. Honesty and Integrity 2. Moral and ethical standards 3. Professional skills and expertise 4. Great communication skills 5. Understanding of the client's business and industry sector. 8. Time management skills.

~ Ridgeway Accountant: Morris Jonas

Accountant: Douglas Fenn

"Integrity, honesty and diligence."

~ Fourways Accountant: Douglas Fenn

East Rand Accountant: Sandy Stewart

"Integrity, enthusiasm and passion for doing things correctly. High attention to detail. Service delivery, within deadlines."

~ East Rand Accountant: Sandy Stewart


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