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There are loads of online business directories out there. However, they are not all created equal. Here are some of the reasons our directory is still succeeding 18 years later:

  • WE ARE NICHE Our directory is not a general business directory where every type of business is jammed into a one-size-fits-all business listing. People needing accounting services in South Africa come directly to us.
  • BUILDING ONGOING PARTNERSHIPS  SMEs using our directory have built countless successful long-term partnerships, something critical for on-going business success.  Many Get-a-Quote websites have sprung up in South Africa recently. Whilst they are super-convenient, spending a few minutes on our specialist directory to find the best long-term match is time invested well.

  • HUMAN EDITED  Unlike the vast majority of online business directories, every single one of our listed accountant's profiles is checked and edited by a human editor.
  • NO FREE LISTINGS  The web is littered with free directories. Spend a little time on any of them and you will see that the majority of listings are completely inaccurate and out of date - a nightmare for site visitors, who invariably give up after a minute or two. All of our listed accountants are paying members and therefore find it worthwhile to keep their details high quality and up-to-date.
  • NO EXTERNAL ADVERTISING  Despite getting constantly approached by companies to do banner and sidebar advertising, we do not have any external advertising on our site. Our site visitors have a clean interface with zero distractions.

  • BY ACCOUNTANTS - FOR ACCOUNTANTS  Our founders have experience working as accountants and have a good knowledge of the industry (nowadays, they devote their fulltime attention to this directory). Most general business directories out there have no clue about the industry.
  • PERSONALISED One of our defining insights was that people needing accounting services for their businesses prefer to deal with people - not corporations.  Our directory is unique - each accountant is listed individually - not as a firm. Only once a principal member of a firm is listed is there the option to also activate a Firm Profile Page. 
  • OUR SOLE BUSINESS  We are not an accounting service or institution who decided that it would be a good idea to have a search functionality for members on their main website. Nor are we running our own accounting business behind the scenes and cherry-picking the best enquiries for ourselves.

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