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23 March 2020

At FindanAccountant, disruptions from the global pandemic will be minimal. We are fortunate in that our team has already been working remotely for several years. Our entire business is effectively “in the cloud” and besides internet infrastructure, we are unaffected by analog logistics. As a result, everything remains pretty much the same for the FindaProfessional group.

If anything, we expect an uptick in business from both accountants needing an enhanced online footprint at this stage, as well as businesses who require accounting services turning increasingly to the internet for providers.

Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses are going to struggle in the coming months and accountants will need to ensure that there is a pipeline of new, viable customers coming into their practices.

If your practice has not already migrated to the cloud now is the time to do it. As soon as possible! Unlike retailers and businesses in the travel and entertainment industries, accountants are very fortunate that pretty much all their work can be conducted online. Video technology solutions, like Zoom or Skype, even negate the critical necessity for face-to-face contact.

Don’t panic. Prepare for the worst; Hope for the best. That’s about all you can do. Together we can all pull through this thing. Keep safe.